apna sapna money-money

Without a doubt this has been one of the most successful shows on television and has been feted many a time with Television Academy awards. No surprise then that it has completed over 1000 episodes. Where Mushtaq's magic comes in this show is at a very tricky juncture. The female lead protagonist of the show was leaving, and Mushtaq had to somehow make sure that the audience does not get up and go as well, as that is what usually happens to shows when a lead character is changed overnight with a ticker running on the screen to announce the change. Mushtaq's challenge was to dunk the formula template and come up with something new. He decided to run a promo where the female lead protagonist's image was erased and the new lead's image was superimposed. The promo caught on with the audience like a frenzy and for the first time in television history, the rating of the show did not dip. This is recalled in the industry as an unprecedented, fantastic concept

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