mata ki chauki

We have all enjoyed our mythological serials. But where is the novelty left in presenting mythological serials deeply entrenched in the present day? Mushtaq began what is being referred to now as the socio-mythological, where he questions our faith in the age of the instant. The core value of this show is that it talks about 'Kalyug mein bhakti ki shakti' as Vaishnavi, the lead of the show is shown as a present day ordinary woman in an ordinary family set-up with an extra-ordinary belief in the divine which empowers her to be an agent of good in our troubled lives. Marrying the very best elements of mythological in a social drama was something Mushtaq managed to bring with utmost ease into the living rooms of our country and which has stayed on ever since with its 'special powers' to cement our faith in good television.

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