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Mushtaq Shiekh’s latest offering, Shah Rukh Can is a revised updated version of Still Reading Khan. There are a thousand things plus one that Shah Rukh Khan has managed to do between after the first edition was published which have been added to this particular edition. The book is a biography, which covers every part of Shah Rukh’s life, personal and professional with lesser known facts about the man that everyone seems to have missed over the years.
Besides, what makes this book special is that a lot of the material (words and pictures) is stuff that hasn’t been seen before. If Shah Rukh’s CDs line your music library (not to mention your iPod playlists) and his DVDs line your movie library, then your bookshelf is incomplete without a copy of Shah Rukh Can.

    Karan Johar

    This book is the best window into Shah Rukh Khan’s inner world and soul. Mushtaq, being a friend of the family, is the best artist for this family portrait portrayal. It’s almost like having Shah Rukh Khan over for coffee.


    ‘Compelling. A story you need to read if you feel the need to be inspired.’

    Subhash Ghai

    ‘This book catches Shah Rukh Khan in his personal and professional space with
    versatile ease.’

    Farah Khan

    ‘A book that I could not keep down. Worthy of many reads!!!’

    Ashutosh Gowarikar

    ‘It's not a unfolds like a movie.’

    Santosh Sivan

    ‘It's a beautifully crafted book. It's very difficult to catch the radiance of a man and
    star like Shah Rukh Khan. Mushtaq Shiekh not only manages it but also shocks you
    by adding further value.’

    Shah Rukh Khan

    ‘When a writer of the caliber of Mushtaq is writing a book about me, then I presume
    the book I am writing can wait.’

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