ZID Synopsis
Movie: ZiD
Producer: Anubhav Sinha and Mushtaq Shiekh
Starring: Mannara. Karanvir Sharma. Shradha Das
Release Date: Nov 28th
Synopsis: Zid tells the tense and thrilling story of Ronnie, a crime reporter who works as a writer in a local newspaper in Goa and his young and sensual neighbour Maya who falls obsessively in love with him. Returning from their first date one stormy night, the love couple meet with an accident which results in the death of a teenage girl. Complete panic follows. Ronnie and Maya don’t know what to do next. Maya convinces Ronnie that he should report the death to the police. And that night they return home turning the accident into a hit and run case. But ghosts and demons pushed under carpets hardly remain there. They creep back and when they come back- they usually are too lethal to handle. The case comes back to Ronnie as a crime reporter to haunt him and to make the case even more complicated comes another aspect of the case. Ronnie is completely devastated when he finds out that the girl who died that night was none other than Nancy, the step-sister of his ex-girfriend Priya. The funeral of her sister brings Priya to Goa Circumstances get more convulated when the once extinguished fire is once again ignited between her and Ronnie. In this hour of grief she finds Ronnie as her solace and they begin their relationship again. Much to the chagrin of Maya who has by now become possessed with the idea of saving Ronnie from getting caught by the police and also ensuring she does not lose him to Priya. She will do what it takes to save Ronnie from Priya. She will go to any extent. Meanwhile the law is moving closer to cracking the case. The hard to please Inspector Moses in on the trail- he asking some really tricky questions. He has to nail the murderer. He narrows his search down to two people Maya and Ronnie. But he ropes in the third angle too and that’s Priya- who happens to be the sole benfactor of the property worth crores owned by Nancy. So now the main suspect list has three names Ronnie, Maya and Priya! The case becomes more complicated as the story unveils some further twists and turns. Was it in an accident? Was it murder? Some report further suggest Nancy died by strangling of her neck. Is someone twisting the facts? Is yes-who is the culprit? Can the truth be told? Can Maya get what she desires? Can Ronnie solve the web of sinister secrets? Who is playing havoc with their lives? Is Priya what she appears to be? Will Ronnie get stuck in his own web? The mystery deepens… but the truth will surely creep out! Zid- Nov 28th